There are some cases where you have to make notifications.   Jump to relevant HP of Immigration Bureau of JAPAN and read.

(as of 2017/04/28)


Regarding your address: within 14 days

  • For overall information about your address notification, click here.
  • When you have decieded where to live after arriving Japan, you have to go to city hall within 14 days.  Click here
  • When you move,  you have to go to city hall within 14 days.  Click here.

Regarding your job and/or sppouse: within 14 days

  • For overall information, click here
  • When visa holders of "Dependent" , "Spouse or Child of Japanese National"  or "Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident" have got divorced  or lost spouse,  click here.
  • For any chage regarding the contracting organizations, cklick here. 
  • For any chage regarding the accepting organizations, click here. 

Regarding other information on the residence card, such as name, gender, etc.: within 14 days



Do not forget to do the above, if applicable.  You might get penalties if you forget.