visa extension application, KOSHIN

One of FAQ about this issue is;
When is the best time to submit extension application?


Well, you can submit extension application from 3 months before of your visa expiry date till on the date of expiry. There is no difference between early application and last day application.

Some believe the earlier is better.
Some believe if you submit application earlier, you could get the result sooner.
Some believe you need to get the new card before his current visa expired.
Actually, it is not.


If you submit your application successfully before the date of expiry, you can stay/work in Japan without any problem for 2 months.

From the point of Immigration, they can take times for examination by 2 months after the visa expiry date. Immigration officers don’t work according to your situation but to their own situation.


Do you know the word ‘Triage’? It is usually used at the scene of big accidents/disaster for doctors. They put the colored ribbon on victims to show who needs to be treated at first. Victims with small injuries are likely to be put in the last group for treatment.  Doctors start operation with someone who is under critical condition and has no time. Immigration officers do their work in this way.

So, submitting extension application early is not so important. Those applications might be left aside and other urgent applications beak into the line.

The important is how you prepare your application documents well and explain your real situation sufficiently.

And if you think extension application is easy and you can handle by yourself easily, sometimes yes it is but sometimes not.


If you think about permanent residency application in the future, each extension application affects it a lot and you had better settle your situation well earlier. So please consult an immigration lawyer if you have any small concern. Don’t be too late.

And at last but not least, going Immigration is stressful, isn’t it? If I were not an immigration lawyer, I don’t want to go there.



Generally our office charges 21,600 yen for normal extension application. Half for minors or dependent visa holders. Do you think it is expensive?

(by Junko Watabe)