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Basics about new visa

Tokuteiginou (特定技能; designated skills; SSW)visa is the new working visa which started in April 2019.
There are two types of  Tokutei gino, 1号 ”Type 1” and 2号 ” Type 2.” 
You are supposed to first get Tokutei gino Type 1, and then change to Type 2 if conditions met in 2 industry fields.

Link to the leaflet of ministry of Justice

evaluation letters 評価調書

Those who finished technical internship training successfully could get test (language and skill) exempt.  

There are basically two ways to prove that you finished your technical internship training successfully:

1. Passing Gino Kentei 3 kyu (trade skill test grade 3) or equivallent (such as Senmoknyu, professional level).

2. Getting an evaluation letter from the former company.

about tests

In order to be eligible for SSW visa (Tokutei gino visa), you need to pass the Japanese language test, Skill test in the target industry and get a job offer.

Note: extrainees who completed 3 year training in Japan with 3rd grade skill certificate are exempted from tests.

more info  about the visa

There are 14 industry fields for the new working visa and policies and requirements are different for each field. 

So it is important for you to get the right information for your target field. 

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