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Immigration Lawyer WATABE Office has become a new company Gyoseishoshi Houjin BEYOND (Legal Support Group BEYOND).  LSG BEYOND offers wider variety of service, including assistance in visa and immigration issues, company establishment, loan, some court matters and so on.  


Please find how BEYOND can help you with your visa and immigration issues.

Today's update

Our specialties in visa assistance are:

+Japan visa (status of residence); working visa, long-term visa, spouse visa, dependent visa, permanent residency, etc.

+citizenship of Japan (getting Japanese passport)

+ marriage/divorce registration

+ document translation (between English and Japanese, Chinese and Japanese)

and more.


Contact us at:


Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Service flow for a typical visa application

Step 1

Share your concerns with us

+ by email or

+ by sending a message to our Facebook page. 

Step 2

Let’s have face-to-face counseling or video-chat counseling.

Step 3

We will present a contract with exact amount of fee indicated.  If you agree with the terms and conditions, let’s make a contract.

Step 4

We will give you a list of requirements.  Collect all the necessary documents.  You  can send your documents by post mail.  We will prepare application documents based on the information you supply.

Step 5

We will submit your application. 

Step 6

After we receive a post card of the result from the immigration, we will pick up your new residence card and pass it to you.

Why you need professionals’ help?

We assume many of you submit your visa applications by yourselves and get good results.  The immigration law allows certain groups of professionals to prepare your application documents and submit them.  We immigration lawyers are one of them.


There are some merits for you.  Take a look at the chart below.  If you have any concerns, troubles, problems, complicated situations, it is better to hire an immigration lawyer. 
We want to meet you in person at the first counselling in order to provide you with the best possible service.  If you cannot come to our office, we can offer you video chat counseling.  Please make your appointment in advance.


We offer our service at reasonable fees.

We think it very important for you to put your signature on your documents after you fully understand what is written there.  The documents you submit to the immigration or the local governments, however, must be written in Japanese.  We prepare your documents in Japanese and explain in English, Chinese or easy Japanese. 
We start our service after confirming your initial payment, half of the fee.  The rest of the fee is basically to be paid when we are ready to submit your application.  Installment plan is negotiable.
The exact amount of our fee is presented after free first counseling.  You can get general idea of our fees in the table of fees

We provide useful information.

We share information, news, tips and so on on our Facebook page almost every day. 

Visit our Facebook page and be updated.


Laws of Japan are written in Japanese.  The Japanese government and organizations in Japan supply most of their information in Japanese.  Easy access to necessary information is one of the keys to live comfortably in Japan.  We provide you links and information which we believe are useful to you. 
Just take a look at our repository of information. 

Clikc for info.

If you have any concerns about your visa and about your living in Japan, contact us. 

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Visa Extension Application

--- we will save your time --

if there are no major changes in your situation (activity, employement,  etc.)  

     ⇒ ¥10,000~¥20,000

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