COE application

Todays’s topic is COE application. Certificate of Eligibility.
Generally, if somebody outside Japan wants to get a residential/working visa for Japan, your family/ company needs to apply COE at first at Immigration in Japan. Then you can apply visa at Japanese Embassy in your country with COE.

There are some common misunderstandings about COE application like:
1. Once COE application disapproved, you need to wait 6 months for reapplication.
2. In order to apply COE for your spouse/child, your tax documents are always necessary.
3. Changing visa status application from tourist vis is easier than COE application.

All above is not true.

1. I guess somebody is mixing up tourist visa application and COE application.
2. Tax documents are one of your options to prove your financial stabilities to bring your family. There are other ways to prove it, sometimes.
3. Changing visa status application from tourist visa is generally not accepted by immigration unless there is unavoidable situation. Moreover you cannot get working/student visa directly from tourist visa under any situation.

There are so many uncertain information around. Don’t believe it easily without confirming a specialist.
If you start wrongly, your application would be lost and it would take you long time to get back on the right track.

(by Watabe)