dependent visa

As I have lots to say about this issue, the article might be a long one. If you are a working visa holder with dependents or you yourself are a dependent visa holder, please make some time to read through till the end.


At first, general conception.
Dependent visa is for a spouse or child(including adopted one) with a working visa holder. There is no limitation for age of child but recently it is very difficult for over 16 to get it. They can work less than 28 hours weekly with extra working permit.

The big issue for them is:
Dependent visa holders who come to Japan in their late teens have difficulty to be independent even if they turn out over 30. Without completing higher education, they cannot get a working visa. But in order to come to Japan, they were forced to quit high school and cannot keep studying in Japan because of language issue.

What they can do is keep working part time (some are working more than 28 hours illegally) forever. Only if his/her parent get a permanent visa together with family, they could have freedom for working and living in Japan. But most parent doesn’t have enough income to be permanent with dependents.

Once dependent gets married and immigration notices it, no more extension because marriage makes him/his indipendent from parent.

■If you are a working visa holder,

before applying dependent visa for your child, please think well about your child’s future. From the visa’s point of view, the younger is the better. If your child studies trough elementary school to high school in Japan, he/she could get a long term visa and can do anything for work. If your child is already late teens, think it again and discuss with your family that giving up the education in the middle in own country would be a good choice for your child.

■If you are a dependent visa holder who is in late teens and 20’s and staying in Japan,

think about your future seriously. What you can do now might not be only working part time but restarting learning and getting ready to be independent. I know it is not easy. If you have not completed 12 year eduacation, you have to start at high school no matter how old you are.

The other option for you is the new working visa, Tokutei ginou. This visa doesn’t require a diploma but it is only for 5 years. After 5 years, you have to go back to your country. You cannot get back to your parent’s indipendent later, while can work full time legally with this visa. So it might be one of your option.


Why don’t you think about your own or your family’s future over the weekend.

(by Watabe)