Wrapping up for the new PR application requirements

New PR documentary requirements seem to give you smaller chance to get PR.  We agree.


What Immigration is trying to do is to control foreigners’ residing situation more effectively. Immigration requires you to commit the obligations properly as a citizen of Japanese society.

You need to submit documents for longer period than before, 5 years for working visa holders, 3 year for spouse or long term visa holders. Only one late payment, even if it is only one day, it would be the reason for disapproval of your future PR application.

So, don’t be late for starting preparation. Even if you have just started working in Japan, be aware and prepare for it.

Don’t be late for tax/ insurance payment and keep the small receipt slips as your record. If you have spare money, I advice you to pay all yearly tax/ insurance in the beginning of the season, which means now.

On the other hand, the new guideline has just started. Nobody has got the result according to this policy. So at present, we are not sure how Immigration manipulates this quideline and treat the documents submitted according to the new guide line. I mean:
5 year income should all satisfy the minimum line for PR application?
What kind of excuses are acceptable for the excuse of late join/payment for pension?
And so on.

So I guess if you satisfy minimum requirements for PR application, why not give it a try? 

Once you try, you could get to know what  the weak points are for your PR application and how you could recover for the next.

(by Watabe)

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