Sunday post for 27 October 2019

Sunday post on October 27th, 2019 by Representative WATABE

I am an immigration lawyer. What is an immigration lawyer? Your question might be what I can do for you.

Roughly speaking, my job is preparing your visa application documents well and make it stronger in order to get it approved by Immigration. There are common misunderstandings around my job. Let me explain one by one.

★1. With immigration lawyer’s service, I could get 100% approve.

Sorry to say, you cannot always. As stated above, what we can do is making your documents stronger not perfect. You have strong points and weak points for application. We appeal your strong points to make it stronger and veil your weak points in order Immigration not pay attention too much on them or explain them in advance with showing excuses/explanations before the Immigration points them out.

We cannot erase your weak points nor make up strong points. If we have doubt for your relationship with your spouse, we cannot support your application. If you don’t have 5,000,000 yen for your business visa, we don’t help you  prepare showing money. If your job is not suitable to your visa status, we don’t explain as if you would work differently.

We cannot make up your situation. What we do is explain your situation well in order to make your application stronger.

★2. You are my lawyer. You don’t need to mention anything that I don’t want to tell.

Hiding weak points are very difficult to handle. There are some weak points you don’t need to mention on the application. On the other hand, hiding  itself would be illegal and could be the main reason for disapproval. We have to handle them carefully with our knowledge and experience. As a professional, we know what you should declare to the Immigration and what you don’t need.

★3. Why are you asking too many questions? Just prepare documents to get my visa.

On the preparation procedure, we always ask our clients so many questions. For marriage visa, just like a gossip reporter. For working/business visa, just like a police inspector. I know your love story is very private and each person has long and complicate history/life that he doesn’t want to explain in detail.

Along the procedure, however, we always review our documents from immigration’s point of view which we have learnt from our experiences. Once we find something the Immigration might pay attention to, we need to figure it out and if necessary, explain in advance. That’s why we need to ask you lots of things. We hope our clients would understand our job and not to get annoyed at us so much.


Well, readers and followers, I am sorry that today’s post just sounds my grumbling.

At last but not at least, I want to say that once you become our clients, as your lawyer, we are always at your side and try to focus how you could get a visa.

Have a happy Sunday, everybody!