Sunday post on November 3rd, 2019

Today’s topic is tax.

As most of you already know tax documents are one of general requirements for visa application in Japan. Kazeishomeisho, taxation certificate, and Nozesishoumeisho, tax payment certificate. Immigration requires you to submit them when you apply extension, changing visa status or CEO application for your family.

However it doesn’t mean submitting documents is what they want. What they want to see is the content on the documents.

Do you really understand what are written on them? Not only the amount of tax you paid, they could know how much your last year income was , how many dependents you have, no balance payment and so on.

Each municipal has its own  forms of tax documents. The documents are difficult to read even for Japanese. So I cannot explain here by showing a format.


Do not submit tax documents without fully understanding them. If you cannot read Japanese well or don’t have anybody around you who understands them well, having a immigration lawyer with you might be one solution.

One example:
If you have small amount on your Kazeishomeisho as your income, it means
1. You didn’t work properly in the last year
2. You missed to declare your income properly for the last year
3. You hide some amount of your income in order not to pay tax

Which one do you think might be problem for your visa application?
Well, answer is all.

Not declaring actual income is recognized tax invasion. Recently one famous Japanese comedian was accused for not declaring his income properly. The amount he has not declared were more than 100,000,000 yen. He has faded away from screen because of this incident.

You might think it became issue only because it is big money. But it is not actually. Not declaring real income is already tax invasion. Immigration is very picky on this matter.

If you are not sure how your tax documents are like, go to city hall and get them. If you don’t have anybody to ask, take a picture and show it to us. We will explain it with complimentary.

Have a happy Sunday, everybody.
And tomorrow is another national holiday. Immigration will be closed.