Sunday post on December 8th, 2019

On the last Friday, I got a call from a City Hall in Yamaguch where is the most western prefecture of main land in Japan, where my office submitted the petition for upgrading of one Filipino family in Aichi.
I met the family at the local Shinkansen station in the fall of last year. More than a year has past since our first meeting. Finally their petition was accepted. Not only second generation whose father is a Japanese and already passed away but also the third generation who is the petitioner and our client could become a Japanese citizen. Unfortunately the son of petitioner couldn’t make it but he is now the second generation and can apply visa as a son of Japanese.
After reviewing their documents, we thought they have possibilities to get upgraded. So we started the procedure. It was the 4th generation guy who took the main role for gathering various documents in the Filipinas. After several months, we submitted the petition at the City Hall. They transferred the case to the Ministry of Justice. I think it was May. Then until the last Friday, nothing from the City Hall nor Ministry of Justice had come out. What we could do is calling occasionally to the City hall to ask how it was going. What they said is always it is under the procedure.
Waiting and waiting. At last, we received a call from the City Hall for this wonderful result. Big smiles and tears of joy.
As I announced before, we got another good result for upgrading through the court procedure. And one more good result for naturalization for Filipino lady in November.
Their ways to get a Japanese citizenship are different. But the common and the most difficult part for all 3 cases is waiting. Those clients had been patiently waiting and finally got good results.

It is our best time to share such a great moment with our clients.

Beautiful winter day. Have a happy Sunday, everybody.