Sunday Post on December 29th, 2019

Time goes very fast, isn’t it? This is my last Sunday Post in 2019. Today, I will review our works in this year.

Without other services, as of applications for Immigration, we did 254 cases. 48 cases are still under the procedure. We got approval for 179 cases. We took down 2 cases in the middle and 25 cases were disapproved.

Among the disapproved cases, 4 cases have been reapplies already and we are waiting for the result. I am sure we are going to reapply few more cases in the near future.

Among disapproved cases, 15 cases are not been planning to reapply. Mostly, they are dependent visa application from student visa holders and for children more than 16 years old from working visa holders.

Those applications are extremely difficult nowadays and we always explain it to our clients. However, as long as applying is legally admitted by Immigration, it is natural for them to manage to apply at least once. I understand how they feel. So I accept their request and charge the fee only half. Of course, we do our best. But the reality is as it shown.

How do you think about the numbers above? Well, personally it is just as I expected. Generally, we don’t make a contract for the case that we think there is no possibility except those dependent cases above.

I think one of our important things to do is hearing situations well and provide proper advice if there is possibility or not. Once we think there is possibility, even if it is small one, we support applications and do our best.

The numbers above are the result of our office work in this year. We will try to improve it and challenge difficult cases as long as we see there is some possibilities in the next year.

At last, thank you for reading my post and following our FB page in this year. Let’s keep in touch everyone in the next year, too.

Have a nice year!