New Year's Greeting

appy new year to visitors!

How was the year of 2019 to you and how do you expect your new year?

As of the immigration field, there were lots of big changes in 2019 as you know. For my office, we started several new challenging such as recruiting service, expanding partnerships with agencies in the Philippines and becoming the Registered Service agency for Tokuteiginou workers, SSWV. I had many business trips throughout Japan and the Philippines. Some new staffs joined our team and some left. We received lots of good results for visa application while we received some disappointed ones.

In 2020, we have Olympic Games in Japan. I am sure not only Japanese but also foreigners who are residing in a Japan are excited. We also expect lots of foreign workers will come to Japan as SSWV.

For my office, a couple new staffs will join in the beginning of this year. I hope we could be One Team just like Japanese Rugby team that impressed us at World Cup in the last year.

Enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends.

The immigration bureau will reopen on Monday 6th while I will start do consultation at office from 4th. And I will try to answer your inquiry promptly hear on our FB page at my best even during the new year holidays.

Everybody keep in touch in the next year, too.