Business manager visa

Sunday post on February 16th, 2020

One of the frequest inquiries is:
How can I get the business visa in Japan?

For most foreigners, getting a business visa is difficult. I cannot explain all details here with the limited place and will try to point out just the basic lines.


At first, tourist visa holders and refugee applicants in Japan cannot change visa status directly.

Tourist visa holders,

you cannot register a company by yourself. you need a business partner here in Japan who can open your company together with you.

Refugee applicants,

if you want to get a busienss visa, you need to go back to own country after establishing your company with someone in Japan. That person could handle your application after your leaving.


Secondly, student visa, working visa and dependent visa holders, please don't take business visa application easy.


you might be struggling with changing visa status to working visa and thik business visa is easier than working visa.


Working visa holders, it might be like:
you cannot earn much money with the current job or your current job is not suitable to your visa status. And business visa holder might look more free and earn more money easily.

Dependent visa holders,

without diploma nor working experience, your last option might be business visa.

However getting bisiness visa is very difficult and keeping it is even more difficult. Once you get a business visa, you cannot work outside. if your business is slow, no money is coming in at all while going out always.


Well, even after reading above, if you are interested in business visa, two main points for business visa application are like follows.

1. As many of you already knows, you need to invest 5,000,000yen for your business generally in order to apply business visa. It shouldn't be the temporary showing money. For the visa application, you need to explain/prove how you prepare those money with the clear evidence. If you borrow it from someone, you need to prove how those people could make such amount.

2. Then, you need to explain your business plan clearly in detail. Your plan should be concrete and realistic. As an immigration lawyer, I support to do documentation about your business plan but I cannot provide any information not tips about your business. It is you to have lots of information and tactices for your own business with supporting evidence.Each business is different. There is no master business plan for any applicant.

Well, after reading today's post, if you still are interested in applying business visa. Please contact us. Generally we don't charge any consultation fee but business visa is exception. I charge 5,000 yen per 30 minutes for business visa consutation. I need to sort out people who don't have any serious plan otherwise both of us are likely just to waste time.

Getting a visa for other country is always difficult for many people no matter what visa status is. There is no easy way and you cannot buy a visa with money.