Sunday post on August 16th, 2020

Another hot day in Tokyo. Still corona is going around hear and there. Hope everybody is staying safe with family.
Recently, my office received 2 post cards from Immigration like below. As you see 8,000 yen revenue stamp is ticked. It is the sign that Permanent Residency (PR) application is approved. Both applicants is Engineer/humanities/ international visa holder. The one is staying in Japan for 10 years and the other one is less than 5 years when she applied. She applied PR using point system for Highly Professional Skilled visa.
In order to apply PR, there are various requirements you need to satisfy. And requirements are different according to your visa status and residing situation. I am planning to make video instruction series for PR application and will release them one by one soon.
At my office, we are now preparing PR application documents for more than 5 clients. And more than 20 applicants are waiting for the result. I hope they would follow the 2 successors above. By the way, the one applied in June 2019 and the other one in September 2019.
PR is kind of final target for foreign residents. I am very happy if my office could support your application.
I have lots more to talk about PR application but one of my clients are coming to my office for urgent matter. I have to stop here. Please looking forward to my video series.
This is added later in this afternoon.
I took the first video. Here it is.
Happy Sunday to all of you. Please stay safe from corona and heatstroke.