Sunday post on September 20th, 2020

My morning starts with sending reply messages that I receive the last night. This morning, I received 15 messages on our office FB page. Everyday, our office receives more than 50 massages and calls for inquiry.
Sometimes it is not Immigration matters and what I can do is just providing contact or general information.
If it is Immigration field, as a lawyer, I try to make myself clear if there is something you can do or not after hearing in detail. If there is nothing to do, you had better look different direction without wasting your time and money. If there is something you could try, I explain it even if there is only a little chance.
FAQ in the last week and I just answered “no” are as follows:
1. When can new comer with dependent COE come to Japan?
(A) Japanese government doesn’t open the entry for new comer with working/business/student/dependent visa. On the last Friday, new Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke, they are going to open the entry for anybody. But it was unofficial comment and no official announcements have been followed so far.
2. I am a student in Japan. I want to change visa status to working visa. Can you help me?
My answer is “No”.
My office has license for recruiting service. But it is only our side job. And generally what I do is when I get job offers from my partner recruiting companies, I release information on our FB page. I don’t support students to look for jobs. I don’t have time and man power to do it.
Students, job hunting is something you yourself to do by yourself. It is not something you just ask someone to provide it.
I know under COVID-19 situation, doing job hunting and getting a job offer is harder than usual. But Japanese economics are trying to go forward beyond/with corona. Please try to do your best. Once you find a suitable job to working visa and your company doesn’t support your visa application, my office is glad to support your application.
3. I am now staying outside from Japan. Can you help me to go to Japan and work there?
My answer is “no”.
There is nothing I can do for you without providing visa information.
There are several types of working visa in Japan. You need to satisfy all requirements and get a job offer by yourself at first. It is your company that initiate your visa application procedure. If your company needs professional support, my office is glad to provide our service.
4. I am a refugee applicant. Can I change visa status?
As far as my knowledge/ experience, my answer is “no”. Refugee applicants cannot change visa status except marriage. It is not because you apply refugee application but because your residing situation/visa status before applying refugee application is not appropriate to apply for other visa status.
For other inquiries, I provide various advice case by case after hearing your situation. If you have any concerns, please send messages here to our FB page inbox or
mail address:
Or if you prefer talking on the phone:
If you have concerns about permanent residency application, please watch my video series at first. I am explaining in detail there.
By the way, we are having long holidays in Japan. Tomorrow Monday and also Tuesday are national holidays. Immigration and other public service will be close.
The fall season is coming to Tokyo. How about your area?
Happy Sunday to all.