Sunday Post on September 27th, 2020

As you already know, Japan will open the gate for foreigners from over the world in October except tourists. It means the government shifts their ways to “post corona” or “with corona” and put more importance on economics .
Under such situation, what we need to do is following the guideline strictly in order to avoid infection.
I know there are many COE holders who are looking forward to get a visa to see his/her family or to start new life in Japan. COE that was issued after December 2019 is still valid now and till the end of March in 2021. You could apply visa at Japanese Embassy/consulate with the COE. If you already got a visa 2 months ago. You could reapply with the same COE.
If your COE was issued 3 months ago when you apply a visa, you need to get an additional letter to certify that your family/company/school is willing to bring you as before. There is sample format on the Immigration site. But it is only in Japanese. My office made a bilingual version and it was posted Yesterday. If you need it, please print it out and use freely.
There might be other local policy or will come out the new rule for getting a visa. Please follow the Japanese Embassy’s guide in your location.
You also need to take the check to certify you are not infected within 3 days prior boarding the flight. You need the medical certificate. Here’s the sample format from Immigration site.
You can use other formats if all matters on the sample test are included.
If you get positive or have any symptoms, please do not push yourself to get on board. Please do not try to make a fake certificate. Japanese government has no tolerance against such illegal actions.
Then you need to take PCR check again at the airport when you are entering Japan. If it is negative, you can enter Japan. But you cannot take any public transportation including taxi. So if you have nobody to pick you up by private car, you need to stay at hotel near by for 14 days for self quarantine. You need to shoulder the accommodation fee by yourself.
If somebody can pick you up, you also stay at home or some place for 14 days.
Some Japanese companies order employees to stay for 14 days at home without working if his/her family comes to Japan from abroad.
For our future, all of us needs to be more cautious and follow the rule strictly. Your careless action might lead the big trouble for your family or community.
The fall has come in Tokyo. Happy Sunday to all of you!