Sunday Post on 18th October, 2020

Everyday, my office receives about 50 inquiries by messages or phone. Mostly, we give some advices or answer to their inquiries. Those services are out of charge. You could contact us freely.

Among them, if I think we could support their application, I would offer face to face consultation. Before, I preferred consultation at my office for people in Tokyo and suburban area. But currently, due to corona, our office has shifted to video consultation for anybody even if he is living in Tokyo.


I found there is no different at all at least for my side. Moreover, it is more convenient for several reasons.

1. We could make consultation effectively with shorter time.

2. Consequently, I could set more consultations in a day.

3. For both side, rescheduling is easier.

4. And of course no fear of infection.


Since before our clients are from Okinawa to Hokkaido. We can provide our service no matter where you are living in Japan. Recently, my office gets more clients from abroad as well. And the number for clients who are living far from Tokyo is more and more.

However it doesn’t mean I could provide my service to anybody. We need to make trustful relation to each other at first. Only when you trust me and I trust you, my office could provide our services.

In this afternoon, I have 2 appointments for video consultation at home. While I am doing lots of domestic home jobs like laundry, vacuuming and cooking, I could handle video consultations, too. It is very convenient to me who is a single mother as well as a Immigration lawyer.


Fall sunny sky in Tokyo. Happy Sunday to all of you.