Anti Illegal Working Campaign

Happy Monday

Today, I just want to let you know that Immigration set the campaign for the month of November to control the illegal working more severely.

What can be the illegal working?

1. Of course, working without proper work permit. Tourist visa holders, preparation (jumbi) vis holders, you cannot work.

2. Student or dependent visa holders. If you are working more than 28 hours a week. It is illegal working.

3. Working/business visa holders, if you are working in the different field from your main job without work permit, it would be illegal working.

4. Working visa holders, if you are working differently from the job that you declared to get working visa/ extension, it would be illegal working.

And not only illegal workers, but also the person or company who hire them is violating the law. And likewise for someone who introduce them to the company.

Of course, those activities are illegal always but generally when they set the campaign, they are likely to intense to pay attention to those illegal activities. They will not let it go once they find. If you think you are doing one of the above, stop it now.

By the way, tomorrow, November 3rd is national holiday. Immigration is not open as well as other pubic service. Have a nice week ahead!