Sunday Post on November 8th, 2020

Yesterday, I received 2 COE documents from Immigration. They are for our clients whose visa was expired due to corona. I submitted their applications in the last week and after 10 days, COE was issued. 


Immigration says they issue COE within 2 weeks under such situation if there is no issue. My clients have no issue. That’s why they could get COE so fast comparing with normal COE application. 


Well, what kind of situation can be issued? 

Mainly it is the situation like below:

Spouse/dependent/working  visa holder is not staying in Japan stably. If immigration notices such situation, they are likely to ask the applicant’s family/company why he/she was not staying in Japan stably. 

You could get a visa for long staying in Japan because you are supposed to stay in Japan steadily.

Parents who got a visa for your child and you send him/her school in own country and let him/her come to Japan only for extending a visa. If their visa expired due to corona and you reapply COE for them, immigration would not grant them a visa anymore. Immigration sees those children don’t need a visa for staying in Japan. 

The unusual situation by corona reveals various matters which might have been going without any problem under normal situation. I hear many people saying “if no corona infection had happened, everything might have been ok. “


Anyway, now we have to live with corona, which doesn’t seem to disappear for a while. 


I got several messages from followers like:

“I have just arrived at Narita. Thanks to information from your FB page, I made it. “

“ I used the acceptance letter for my wife that you shared on your page and she got a visa”

Those messages give us lots of power. Even if it is not business, I mean it doesn’t make money, I feel I am on the right track when I hear their voices. 

I know many of you still cannot get a visa and cannot meet your family nor start to work/study in Japan. Please do not give up. 

And those who could come or come back to Japan and who are going to come to Japan, please follow the guide from the government. I heard yesterday 27 comers from abroad found out corona positive at the airport. It might be someone who was sitting near your seat in the airplane. Don’t look down the meaning of quarantine. 

If the second infection boom happens, the government would be forced to get back to the strict entry banning again.

Each of us has to take own responsibility as a part of our society.


Anyway, everybody, please stay safe and have a Happy Sunday.