Sunday Post on November 29th, 2020

This week, my office has not received post cards as we had expected. Tokyo Immigration is slow as usual. 

However, two families got COE for their high teen children with my office support in this week. 


Many families want their children to study in own country at first while they are working in Japan. And then they try to bring them to Japan after they turn out high teens. 

Legally, permanent/spouse/long term visa holder can bring their minor child with long term visa. Working visa holders can bring children without age limit as long as they are dependent. 

However COE application for those children is not easy. Why? It is because immigration sees they are no more dependent and parents want them just to work in Japan. 

Actually, if you have working visa, getting COE is extremely difficult when your child is over 15 or 16 years, while permanent/spouse/long term visa holders have more possibilities even if they are already 18 or 19 years old. 


My office has quite high percentage for those high teen children to get COE successfully. Let me share some of our strategies here. 

1. You need to explain why you want bring the child now and why you couldn’t bring them till now. 

2. You need to prove you took responsibilities so far now as his/her parent such as sending money. 

3. You need to explain about the child’s plan after coming to Japan. Definitely not to work. Concrete and realistic plan how he/she could continue to study is necessary. 

4. You need to prove your family doesn’t have any financial issue. 

Not only explaining those matters above, you need to show some evidence for them. Those explanations are not easy for foreigners. That’s why you need a lawyer. 


One of family who got COE in this week is from Western area in Japan. I didn’t meet the mother in person. What we did at first was video consultation. Once we feel good impression to each other and build trustful relation, I could provide sufficient service to my clients from distance.  She got COE’s for her 2 high teen children in less than 2 months. I am so happy for them, too.


Well, we are still waiting for other clients’ COE and new visa. I hope we could get them soon in the near future just as those 2 families. Hey, Postman, don’t you have good news for me today? This is my voice in my mind everyday. 


A little chilly weather in Tokyo. Please stay safe everybody. Corona infections are expanding over Japan now. 

Happy Sunday to all of you.