Sunday Post on December 13th, 2020

Today, let me share FAQ in this week. 



I overworked and my student visa was canceled and now I am holding junbi visa(leaving preparation). Can I get the extra work permit?


I received similar inquiries after I released the information about extra work permit for tourist visa and junbi visa on the last Tuesday on my way back to office from Yokohama Immigration. The officer said if you are planning to leave soon and need to earn money for survival, you might be able to get work permit even if you overworked or are ex-refugee applicant.  Note you need to plan for leaving. If your refugee application is under the procedure, you are supposed to stay in Japan willingly and cannot get extra work permit under this policy. 



I am holding 6 months designated activity visa after finishing school because I was not able to go back to my country. Can I extend my visa?


If you still do not flights to go back to own country, you could extend your visa. Go to Immigration and apply with showing evidence there is no flights. Only the fact that your reserved flight was canceled is not sufficient. You need to prove there is not any flight to your country.



No update for pledge(residence track)?


No update in this week. I guess Japanese government cannot relax entry restriction under current situation.



I am now outside of Japan. How can I get a working vis?


There are several types of working visa for Japan. But none of them is general one. As well as satisfying all particular requirements, you need to get a job offer at first. Without getting job offer, nothing will start. It is same for SSWV. 



I have refugee visa. Can I change it to working visa?


As far as I know, you cannot. It is not because you are refugee applicant. It is because your previous status before applying refugee was not eligible to apply working visa. For example, if you entered Japan with tourist vis, you cannot change visa to working visa now because tourist visa cannot be changed to working visa. If you used to be a student and overworked, then applied refugee, you cannot change visa status to working visa because of your overwork. I guess almost all refugee applicants are applicable into such situations. That’s why, refugee applicants cannot change visa status to working visa. Same as to business visa. 



When Japan restart issue tourist visa?


I cannot say anything for sure but I read some article to say that normal tourist visa is not issued till after Olympic. It is not official information. 


I received more inquiries in this week as usual(I receive more than 50 inquiries everyday). I want to share more but I am afraid I have to stop now. 

I am wondering the number of people infected by Corona in Japan is increasing everyday and it seems there is no ceiling. How can we stop it?  How about the situation in your country?

Anyway, please have a safe and peaceful Sunday to everybody.