Sunday Post on January 3rd in 2021

The first post in 2021. How are you having new year’s holidays? 

While some one enjoy spending holidays with family and friends, I guess some are feeling lonely and depressed being separated from family and dearest partner. I hope by the end of this year everything would be back to normal at the latest. 


Today, I would like to share my resolution in the new year. 

“ back to the basics”


In the last year, due to corona, Ministry of Justice(Immigration) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs continuously released new announcements. Their expressions and wording were always too complicated. Even  professionals, immigration lawyers like us were likely to get confused. In order to understand  them, ability of legal comprehension is necessary. When we heard the last announcement in 2020, I almost misunderstood its meaning and was about to release the wrong explanation on our page. I felt how important the basic legal awareness and ability of handling those knowledge. In this year, I will keep the words “Back to the basics” in my mind always. 


WATABE Office will release immigration information as much and fast as we could. I appreciated if you would share your situations and your country’s information so that I could advice others more effectively. 

Everybody, we are still in the middle of pandemic all over the world. Please be cautious whatever decisions/actions you are going to make. 


WATBE Office will start our service tomorrow, Monday January 4th as well as immigration office. 

Let’s keep in touch everybody!

Happy Sunday and Stay safe to all!