Sunday Post on January 17th, 2020

I am on my way to office now. My task today is 4 video consultations and writing Riyusho, reason statement, for 4 applications. 

Riyusho is one of important documents for many applications. Why? I will explain it here today. 


I said important for many applications not all. If your situation is steady and nothing changes happened after the last extension and what you want us just extension, you don’t need to submit  Riyusho. 


Visa application at immigration is generally proceeded only by documents without interview in person. Immigration officers examine the documents you submitted and recognize your situation. 

If your tax document indicates your income was law in the last year, even if you are earning good salary presently, they cannot get your actual situation and make decision only with the tax document. 

If you are not living with your spouse because of special reason, they are likely to get negative impression with Juminhyou in which your name is on. 

So for all visa application, the important is knowing exactly what is written on the documents that you are going to submit and if it doesn’t show your actual situation, you need to submit Riyusho. 


After the pandemic broke out, I imagine your living/working situations are affected by Corona. Of course, Immigration knows it and I believe they would take it into their considerations. But how your life was affected is case by case. For the next visa application, many of you had better explain it well. 

When immigration gets questions for your application/ situation, they mostly require you to submit additional documents/explanation in order to figure out what your actual situation is. You have chances to explain. But after receiving those notice letter, generally you have to explain more than Riyusho you submitted in advance at the application. It would be more complicated. 

So when I make Riyusho for my clients, I always consider the immigration’s point of view. If there is something they are likely to get concerned, I explain it in Riyusho in advance. Knowing what matters they concerns is part of immigration lawyers’ skills. 


Now, my train is about to reach Otsuka station where my office is located. Let’s try to make good Riyusho for my clients. 

Many of you in Japan, we are now under state of Emergency. Please do not go around if you don’t have necessary and urgent purpose. Stay home. 

Gloomy sky in Tokyo. Happy Sunday to all.