Sunday Post on February 21st, 2021

A few days ago, I mentioned how important to know the reason of disapproval for the reapplication is. Without knowing it, your reapplication would be meaningless no matter what application it is. 


However sometimes you cannot get it anymore like when you already went there to ask but you didn't understand what the officer said. If so another option is get application documents from Immigration. You cannot request it at the general counter you apply visa. You need to go to special section for asking. It is called Kaijiseikyu.  Only applicant can request the documents. If your lawyer check them, he/she could figure out problem of your last application.


Kaijiseikyu is also useful for working visa holders. Some of them don't know with what explanation he/she could get working visa because the agent/company/lawyer made application documents and had him/her sign without any explanation. With such situation, they might have trouble when they try to extend a visa or change company. And moreover, when you want to change a lawyer and the former lawyer refuses you to pass the coopies of application documents, you had better do Kaijiseikyu at first. Most proper lawyers always provide the copies of application documents upon client's request. But I know there are some lawyers who don't want with some reason.


You can ask Kaijiseikyu at main Immigration. For example, even if you applied at Saitama Immigration branch, you need to go Tokyo Immigration. At Sinagawa Tokyo Immigration, Kaijiseikyu section is located on the 4th floor. I am not sure other Immigration. Please ask the service counter at Immigration in your area.


What you need to bring is your ID and notice letter for disapproval or application receipts. Or even your residence card is ok if you want to get your previous application documents. The cost is 300 yen for one application with postal stamps. The documents are sent to your address after a few weeks.


Of course If you make photo copies of all documents before submitting and keep them with you, it would be better. And if you get a trustful lawyer whom you can ask anything anytime, it would be much better. Personally I think, having a trustful lawyer and keeping good relation with him/her is similar with having a home doctor. Please try to find one for you and family. And I would be very happy if my office would be the one for you.


It looks like spring has come outside in Tokyo.  I am stuck at my office preparing application documents cause I made 2 contracts yesterday with new clients whose visa is about to expired in the beginning of March. You can apply even on the date of visa expiry date but please start to prepare little earlier.

Happy Sunday to all !!