Sunday Post on March 14th, 2021

Ministry of Justice and Immigration Agency are trying to reform the part of Japanese Immigration law and system now. It is in the middle of their way. Accordingly, they have just revised the forms of visa application. 

Many of our followers prepare the application documents by yourselves. So you had better aware of changes and get ready in advance. Today, I will explain about the main changes on the forms. 


1. On the first page, there is a question about the criminal record. The phrase “ traffic violation record is included”

So if you don’t write your violation record like excess speed, wrongly parking, mobile phone use, it would mean you hide your record and cheat Immigration. If it is the severe one, your application might be disapproved for this reason.


2. At the bottom of the first page, you need to fill in your family in Japan and room mates. Before, family means only parents, spouse and children. But now, you need to fill information about your aunt and uncle who is living in Japan. 


3. for the working history

Before it is not clearly indicated it should be history in Japan or overseas. But on the new format, the phrase “history overseas should be written”.

So, every time you need to fill all information. If you write it differently from the previous application, it would make trouble. 


4. For working/business visa application, on the new forms, you should fill in the labor insurance number of your company. You don’t need company seal on the form anymore. Moreover, you need to explain details of your job for the company. There are other various changes. Please let your company take attention on those changes. 


5. For eligibility application, on the new form, you need to fill about your previous application. How many times  you applied and among them how many times it was disapproved. 


They revised the forms in January and no more Hanko is needed on the application forms and guarantor letter. Only after a few months, they revised again. As I told you, Immigration is under way of the reform. There might another change happen again. When you apply visa, please check the latest version. 

The below is our Home Page Link that is explaining the changes showing actual images. Please check it for grabbing more accurate information. 



The last week was good one for my office. We received more than 10 post cards including 3 good results for PR applications and COEs for dependent visa. Some may think COE services is stopping in Japan due to border restriction. But actually, they release COE. It might be slower than usual for some cases, though.


Blue sky in Tokyo after the spring storm yesterday. Happy Sunday to all of you.