Sunday Post on April 18th, 2021

The number of infected people is rising and it is said that Governor of Osaka is considering state of Emergency. Well, it is domestic matter in Japan. But unless the domestic situation improves, Japanese government cannot think about relaxing the border restriction.
Today, I have some announcement from WATABE office. Our office is going to be transferred to “Legal Support Group BEYOND” by the end of May. The current office is private own by myself while BEYOND is a company owned by 3 lawyers, including Yachida and me. The new office is located at Takadanobaba in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
The main reason for becoming a company is:
If something happens to an owner of private office, the office would be forced to close and clients would get into big trouble. If it is company, relationship/contracts would remain and clients would be protected.
Moreover, becoming a company would make us expand our business. Third lawyer, Ogata who joins our team has 2 licenses, Gyoseishoshi and Shihoshoshi. Yachida and I have only one license, Gyoseishoshi and our special field is immigration. Ogata’s special field is related to business mainly and as Shihoshishi, he can handle company registration, some court issue and etc.
So, our new company could handle, what are called, one stop operation. We could provide more convenient service for business manager visa application, upgrading Koseki, loan application and lots more. 
By the way, can you imagine how much paper works is necessary for closing the office and transferring to the new one?
My office is registered supporting organization RSO for Tokuteiginou, SSW, we need to cancel it once and reregister. More and more. There is endless must-do list in front of us, which makes us dizzy now.
Of course, our current main service as immigration lawyer would remain as well. No change for it. I will continue this Sunday Post, too. But at the same time, we are planning various new services.
Clients who are making the contract with my office now, please be patient a little if our service becomes slower. We will try our best so that no affection would occur to your applications. But a little delay might happen.
I believe with my new team we could provide better, wider and safer services to you. Everybody please keep in touch with us.
I expected rainy day today but actually shiny blue sky is over us in Tokyo.
Happy Sunday to all. Stay safe.