Sunday Post on May 2nd, 2021

I am very impressed that this post is the last one from WATABE office. On May 6th, my office will be transferred to Legal Support Group BEYOND as a company.
We chose the name, BEYOND, with our ambition that we want to support many people to step forward beyond himself and various issues or to view the new world beyond the gate.
Reviewing back to the past 5 years at WATABE office, what we have commit is:
Supported nearly 1400 applications
Got approved PR for more than 300(roughly)
Got approved Japanese citizenship for more than 200(roughly) by naturalization, upgrading and acknowledgment
Of course, there were some cases with the negative results even with our support. But I guess our success rate is relatively high because we do hearing severely in the first stage. If I think there is not high possibilities to get approved, I don’t recommend to apply and advice how you could solve your issues instead. If I cannot believe the true relation, we don’t provide our service for spouse visa application. That’s why we could keep high success rate.
Our policy for this point will remain for the new company BEYOND. We have 3 experienced lawyers.
Yachida handled lots of cases as a member of WATABE office especially like; POLO procedure for Filipino workers, upgrading, Koseki matters and so on
Ogata has 2 licenses, Gyoseishoshi and Shihoushoshi and can handle company establishment, loan, some court matters and so on.
And myself Watabe.
Our FB page will be transferred to from BEYOND. I am going to keep posting just like before. I hope many followers are keep in touch with us.
The below is our new Hanko which has just made. Team BEYOND will do our best to support you and your family.
Thank you to all who have been cheering WATABE office. And please keep in touch with BEYOND.
Happy Sunday and Golden weeks in Japan. Everybody, please stay safe.