Sunday Post on June 6th, 2021

Today, let me explain about "Designated Activity Visa" Tokuteikatsudou visa. I guess many of you are holding this visa and some of you might think it is the particular visa only for your situation. But actually it is not. Designated activity visa is for various situations and each one has different status.


Roughly, it is divided into 2 types at first. The one is designated activity visas that are listed up, which is called "kokujinai" in Japanese word. The other one is designated activity visas that are not on the list. In Japanese word, "Kokujigai". There are 46 designated activity visas on the list for Kokujinai designated activity visa. I cannot name them all here. Let me introduce some of them:

+ House keeper for diplomat/Highly skilled professional/business manager visa holder

+ Working holiday

+ Amateur athlete and his/her family

+ Internship

+ EPA nurse/caregiver and their family

+ medical stay

+ Construction/ship builder workers after 5 year trainee

+ 4th Japanese generation 

+ Graduates from Japanese university with N1 and his/her family etc.


For those visa, generally company/organization/family in Japan applies COE at first, then you can apply "designated activity visa" at Japanese Embassy in your country.

On the other hand, there are many "Kokujigai" designated activity visa which is not on the list. For example,

+ Job hunting after graduation or being fired

+ Elderly parent of Japanese or Permanent visa holder

+ Refugee applicant

+ Same sex partner 

+ Dependent visa holder who graduated from Japanese high school

+ Someone who cannot go back to own country due to corona

+ Preparation for leaving for someone whose application was disapproved (In Japanese shukkoku junbi)

+ Ex-students/trainees who are seeking for Tokuteiginou visa, SSW

and etc.

You cannot get those Kokujigai designated activity visa outside Japan. You can get it only in Japan with particular circumstances.


Requirements and conditions for applying those visa is different for each one. If you think you might be applicable  for some of them, please contact us personally.


Moreover, what you could do with those designated activity visa is different and it is strictly stated on "Shiteisho" which is stapled on your passport. If your visa is Designated activity visa, check your passport. You have stapled small paper there, do you? It is written only in Japanese. If you are not sure what is written there, please show me in box. I will explain it. For some designated visa, company that you can work for is written and you cannot work for other company with this designated activity visa. For all designated activity visa, "Shiteisho" is very important.


The moving week for my new office was past and almost everything has been settled now.  Since our PCs were down for a few days, we are behind a little from what we had scheduled. Clients!! I appreciate you could understand it. All 3 lawyers of our team BEYOND are working even weekends to catch up our tasks.


Anyway, Happy Sunday to all. Please stay safe, everybody.