Tips: 31(30) days visa for leaving preparation 出国準備 (shukkoku jumbi)

Some of you might have an experience to receive a visa named above.  If you are still in Japan, it means you have survived. 

If your application, either extension or changing status, is disapproved, and if your current visa has already expired, you would be asked by an immigration officer whether or not you apply for a short term visa for leaving preparation.  For those who want to continue to stay in Japan, the name of the visa sounds terrible, I guess.  However, at the moment you refuse to sign the documents for this visa, you are overstaying.  No excuse.  Once you overstay, you would face many difficulties.     

So if you encounter such a situation unfortunately, please accept to apply for it and get 31(30) days visa.  There is nothing good for you to fight against it.  Just accept it. 
Anyway, you have 31(30) days. Depending on the reasons of disapproval, you could reapply.  Or even if you have to leave Japan once, there are some possibilities for you to apply for eligibility and come back to Japan after a while. 

If you get a visa for leaving preparation, please contact us, immigration lawyers, immediately. And it is much better  to have consultation and to receive service from us in order not to receive such visa when you think your application might be a difficult one.   We are not almighty but we could solve many cases that you could not make it by yourself.