Tips: Gyosei shoshi(行政書士)

I am Junko Watabe.  

Let me introduce my status. I am an immigration lawyer in Japan. In Japanese, my status is 'Gyoseishoshi(行政書士)'.

Gyoseishoshi is one of qualified legal advisors and its field is quite huge, including application for permission or authorization to the government, establishing companies, Immigration matters and so on. Usually, each 'Gyoseishoshi' has his own field.  I am dealing with Immigration matters and I could introduce myself Immigration lawyer.

However, there is some misunderstanding. 

I heard sometimes from my clients, "My Japanese friend said you are not a lawyer." 
Why does such misunderstanding happen?  Am I a liar?  Absolutely No.

Is his Japanese friend a liar?  No.



This kind of misunderstanding happens because of Japanese people`s insufficient knowledge to English language.  An english word 'lawyer' is one of English words that we Japanese learn during Junior Highschool days, which is tne very biggining stage for English learning in Japan.  And we learn the meaning of "lawyer" is "Bengoshi(弁護士)".

That's all.   "Bengoshi" is another legal adviosor who can deal with lawsuit.

Both "Gyoseishoshi" and "Bengoshi" are qualified leagal proffesionals but their fields are different.  If you look up a dictionary for 'lawyer', you would see an explanation like this.

 "One whose profession is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and represent them in court OR in other legal matters"

Under the word 'lawyer', there are so many categories, attorney, solicitor, advocate, barrister・・・・


We, Gyoseishoshi, cannot fight in courts.   On the other hand, there are few Bengoshi who can handle Immigration matters.   Because its field is not a court.   We, Gyoseishoshi, cannot fight in courts.   

On the other hand, there are few Bengoshi who can handle Immigration matters.  Because its field is not a court.


So, if you have any problem regarding Immigration matters, you had better 'Gyoseishoshi' dealing with such matters.   

Yes, we are Immigration lawyers.