Tips: Kabushiki Gaisha and Godo Gaisha

These are two major types of Kaisha (companies) in Japan: 株式会社 (Kabusiki Gaisha, stock company) and 合同会社 (Godo Gaisha, LLC).  

Let's look at major differences between the two.

  株式会社 (Kabusiki Gaisha) 合同会社 (Godo Gaisha)
Expenses for incorporation    
      Registration tax 150,000 JPY  60,000 JPY
      Notary Fee    52,000 JPY            0 JPY
Ownership and management

Investors are share holders, who own the company. 

Directors selected by share holders run the company.

It often takes time to make decisions because the company tops are not the owners.

Investors are business managers, called "Shain."

They own and run the company, which makes it easy to make timely decisions.


a public notice of settlement of accounts  


 it costs about 60,000 JPY

not necessary
term of office of directors

10 years

no-fixed term
name of the representative

representative director

 代表取締役 Daihyo Torishimariyaku

 well known as "shacho"

representative "Shain"

 代表社員 Daihyo Shain

 often confused with employees

familiarity most people are familiar with Kabushiki Gaisha  not as familiar as Kabushiki Gaisha
examples many

Apple Japan


Amazon Japan 

Overall, Godo Gaisha cost less to incorporate and to maintain.

We recommend Godo Gaisha unless you strongly wish to establish Kabushiki Gaisha.

For your information, you could get "business manager" visa as a representative of Godo Gaisha.