Tips:  Mission of my office

Hello, friends. Do you live in your home country or do you live in some other country as a foreigner, in Japanese as Gaijin?

I myself have some expereince being Gaijin for more than 16 years.   I used to live in Romania, Canada and the U.S.. 

So, I can understand how you feel now.


Living in a foreign country is exciting, but stressful, too. Language, food, culture, costom・・・・everything is different.   You cannot get as much information as you could in your home country.   At first, try so hard to gather information.   Then you gradually get used to living in new countries and become to feel less stress.


However, in my opinion, you don't really get used to living in new atomosphere.   On the contrary, you just get used to living with limitted information.   You become not to care the situation that you don't understand what a TV caster or people around you are talking about.   You don't care what is written on newspaper or flier any more.

What I want to say here is "Don't give up".  

With more little curiosity, eagerness or effort, your life would bacome more convenient.  Your world would become bigger and more open.


The mission of my office is to be a supprter of you people, 'Gaijin' in Japan. 

If you want some information whatever related visa or not, you can share with me.  I will try to answer your questions in articles later.   If emergency, please contact me personally.   There might be nothing I can do for you but I will do my best to be your supporter.