Tips: Reapplication

There seem several misunderstandings about reapplication. I will point them out one by one.

1. You could understand what is the reason of disapproval if you read a notice letter from Immigration.


On the notice letter, Immigration uses only flat and unclear words. If you receive the notice of disapproval, you need to go to Immigration to ask the reason. If you visit there, they explain very well and give you clues for reapplication. You cannot ask it on the phone. The applicant or legal representative need to visit there in face. For Shinagawa Immigration, you need to wait for 10 working days after receiving the letter.

Without understanding the reasons, the reapplication would be meaningless.

2. You need to wait 6 months for reapplication


For tourist application at Japanese embassy in your country, you need to wait 6 months for reapplying. But reapplication at Immigration, there is no fixed waiting period. It is all up to the denial reason. For some reason, you need to wait for certain time to solve your issues, like tax or income matter. But for some reason, you could reapply immediately.

3. Reapplication is easier than the previous application because you could just solve the issue that Immigration points out.


For reapplication, you need to prepare all required documents again. And you cannot make any discrepancies between the reapplication and the previous ones. If immigration finds small discrepancies between documents, your reapplication would be disapproved because your documents lack trust. That’s why, reapplication is much harder than the previous ones and you need to prepare more carefully.

When you submit application, please keep the copies. If you don’t have time, take pictures.

Or if you missed to do it and want to reapply, you could request the copy from Immigration later by designated procedure. If you don’t know how, please contact us.


Don’t take it too easy or too difficult for reapplication. If you do it properly, you might have a chance to get the positive result.