Tips: Spouse visa application

There are several requirements for spouse visa application. I mean spouse visa to a Japanese, Permanent resident or Long term visa holder.

Note: dependent visa to working visa holder or student visa holder is different from spouse visa.

Questionnaire, Shitsumonsho

Click here to see the format with 8 pages.

Many clients visited my office after his/her spouse visa application got disapproved. The reasons of disapproval various but many of them got disapproved because he/she didn't fill in Questionnaire well enough.

What immigration wants to see is if your relationship is real one, not imitation marriage. So they check questionnaire very well. Please do not take it easy to fill in this format. You need to do it in detail carefully. Don't hesitate to write your love story because it is private issue. From the beginning, when and where you met, how you started your relationship, Who proposed and how, etc. You need everything open.

Writing your love story from given information is one of my job as an immigration lawyer. I write it as if I were a novelist for love stories. Of course, I am a non fiction writer. I have never and will never write fiction stories. In 3 years, I think I wrote more than 100 love stories. There was none of the same stories. Each couple has unique and wonderful, sometimes unbelievable story.
Well, how will be the next one like?