Privacy policy


We, Gyoseishosi WATABE Office handle personal information of our clients in order to offer our service. 

We handle personal information in accordance to Japanese laws regarding personal information.

■Acquiring persona information

We acquire personal information properly, not by deceit or other improper means.


■Using personal information

We handle your personal information for the purposes listed below.   When we want to handle your personal information for other purposes, we will get your consent in advance.

1.  To offer our service based on the contract we make with you

2.  To offer information regarding our service



We take necessary and appropriate action for security control of personal information, including preventing the leakage, loss or damage of personal information we handle.


■Third party provision

We do not provide your personal information to a third party, execept for cases stipulated in related laws, without getting your consent in advance.



For further information regarding personal information handling, contact us:

Gyouseishoshi WATABE Office (Immigration Lawyer WATABE Office)

Gyoseishoshi Junko Watabe

Phone: 03-6902-9334

Office hours: 9:00 - 18:00  Monday through Friday (except for national holidays)