Tokutei gino: Agriculture

Agricultural business industry is divided into two categories: 耕種農業 (Koushu nogyo,Cultivation agriculture) and 畜産農業 (Chikusan nogyo, Livestock agriculture).  A skill test will be provided for each category. 


Visa application will be accepted starting April 1, 2019.  

employment contract

・Either direct employment by farms or temporary employment by dispatching companies

・The term of temporary employment by dispatching companies should be longer than 6 months

・Those hired directly by farms can work only for their employers.   Those hired by dispatching companies coud work for several farms designated by their dispatching companies.

number assumed

・36,500 workers in total for 5 years

exemption of tests

Those who have finished technical training in agriculture in Japan for three years successfully as planned do not have to take tests (skill or language). 

skill test

・Will check two points:

 ① Basic knowledge about the job and skill to perform necessary work

 ② Perform necessary work according to instructions given in Japanese

・① is given in local languages

 ② is given in Japanese
・CTB (computer based testing) test

・Given  about 2 to 6 times per year

・Given in Japan and  countries outside Japan (ecept for Nepal and Mongolia for the time being)
・Will start  sometime in 2019


1. The following people cannot take the skill test in Japan:

* students expulsed by schools

* trainees who ran away

* refugee applicants

* current trainees

language test

You can choose ① or ② below:

①Japanese language check test (new and for all fields)

・CBT (Computer based testing)

・Given about 6 times oper year

・Given in and outside Japan (countries yet to be decided)
・Will start in autumn 2019

・Focus more on listening and speaking than on reading and writing

② JLPT N4 or above

ministry in charge

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)

Based on "Operation guidelines" dated March 2019 on HP of Ministry of Justice