Tokutei gino: Automobile maintenance

Number assumed

・about 7,000 workers in total for 5 years

If you have completed your technical training for automobile maintenace for three years  in Japan and if you can prove your skill level with certificates etc.,  you don’t have to take skill test or Japanese language test before applying for Tokutei gino visa to work for certified car repair factories/garages.    If you want to get test exempt, show 外国人自動車整備技能実習評価試験専門級(gaikokujin jidosha seibi gino jisshu hyoka siken senmonkyu) , Notice letter of the result of skill test, or Evaluation report filled out by your former employer.


If you haven't finished the above mentioned technical training in Japan, you could prove your visa eligibilty by passing the tests.


Please note that this  is not auto manufacturing industry. 

skill test

You can choose ① or ② below:


① Newly created skill test

・Given in Japanese

・Paper test and performance test

・Given about once per year

・Given outside Japan

・will start sometime in 2019


②自動車整備士技能検定試験3級 (Jidosha seibishi gino kentei 3 kyu)

Language test

You can choose ① or ② below:

①Japanese language check test (new and for all fields)

・CBT (Computer based testing)

・Given about 6 times oper year

・Given in and outside Japan (countries yet to be decided)
・Will start in  April, 2019

・Focus more on listening and speaking than on reading and writing

② JLPT N4 or above

ministry in charge

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)

Based on "Operation guidelines" dated March 9, posted on HP of Ministry of Justice