Tokutei gino: Building cleaning

number assumed

・37,000 workers in total for 5 years

skill test

・Given in Japanese
・Performance test

・Given  about once or twice per year

・Given in and outside Japan
・Will start  in autumn in 2019


1. The following people in Japan cannot take the skill test:

* students expulsed by schools

* trainees who ran away

* refugee applicants

* current trainees

2. One who has passed the skill test doesn’t need to pass the language test


3. Those who have finished 3 years technical training in Japan successfully don't have to take tests (skill and language).

language test

You can choose ① or ② below:

①Japanese language check test (new and for all fields)

・CBT (Computer based testing)

・Given about 6 times oper year

・Given in and outside Japan (countries yet to be decided)
・Will start in  April, 2019

・Focus more on listening and speaking than on reading and writing

② JLPT N4 or above

ministry in charge

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)

Based on "Operation guidelines" dated 2018/12/25, posted on HP of Ministry of Justice