Evaluation Letters 評価調書

What the evaluation letter looks like?

I have added some comments to the sample given on the website of Ministry of Justice.

Please look at the photo.

Please make sure your evaluation letter has all the items filled in and it has 4 hanko (2 company hako and 2 representative’s hanko). Some of the letters I have seen are apparently invalid formally.

Also, we have heard, although not yet officially announced:

that the immigration will check the content of the comments;


that the immigration will see whether or not the company and supervising organization on the evaluation letter observe all the laws, and so on.

So, I think just having the letter is not enough to prove that you have successfully finished your training.

If you are not sure whether or not your evaluation letter is formally okay, please send a message to our Facebook Page @LIAISONbyWATABE.


You can download the from from: