Tokutei gino: Hotel

number assumed

・950~1,050 workers in the first year

・about 20,000 workers in total for 5 years

skill test

・Given in Japanese
・Paper test and performance

・Given  about 2 times per year

・Given in Japan and 9 countries outside Japan
・Will start  in April in 2019


1. The following people cannot take the skill test:

* students expulsed by schools

* trainees who ran away

* refugee applicants

* current trainees

2. One who has passed the skill test doesn’t need to pass the language test

language test

You can choose ① or ② below:

①Japanese language check test (new and for all fields)

・CBT (Computer based testing)

・Given about 6 times oper year

・Given in and outside Japan (countries yet to be decided)
・Will start in  April, 2019

・Focus more on listening and speaking than on reading and writing

② JLPT N4 or above

ministry in charge

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)

Based on "Operation guidelines" dated 2018/12/25, posted on HP of Ministry of Justice