Tokutei gino: Manufacturing 2

Topic 2: how to prove your skill and Japanese language level?

The government documents say that those who have finished technical internship training program for 3 years  suiccessuflly don’t have to tests.  Under the current technical training  system, trainees are required to pass level 3 of the skill test (技能検定3級; gino kentei 3 kyu) by the time they finish their 3rd year. 


This certificate proves that you have the skill and Japanese language ability necessary to work with Tokutei gino visa.  In other words, those with certificate of level 3 of the skill test (gino kentei 3 kyu) don’t have to pass skill test or language in order to apply for Tokutei gino visa.


If you are currently working as a trainee, work hard and pass gino kentei 3 kyu !

There are many ex-trainees who haven’t passed level 3 of the skill test (gino kentei 3 kyu), I guess.  What should they do?


1. The government has posted a list of certificates with which you can prove you are eligible for the new visa without passing the tests.  If you are not sure whether or not you are exempt from the test, please contact us.


2. They could take tests and prove their skills and language abilities. 


METI will make new skill tests for manufacturing business sectors.

・will be given in 5 countries (Vietnam, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand)
 ※You can take it even if you are not residents/citizens of these countries


・will be given in local languages
  ※They might give the tests in English language too.


・paper test and skill test


 ・will start later in 2019

    ※maybe once during 2019, and once or twice per year after 2020


・will be prepared for each 19 types of occupation
鋳造 Casting, 

鍛造 Forging,

ダイカスト Die casting,

機械加工 Machining,

金属プレス加工 Metal press,

鉄工 Iron work,

工場板金 Factory sheet metal work,

めっき Electroplating,

アルミニウム陽極酸化処理 Aluminum anodizing,

仕上げ Finishing,

機械検査 Machine inspection,

機械保全 Machine maintenance,

電子機器組立て Electronic equipment assembling,

電気機器組立て Electric equipment assembling,

プリント配線板製造 Print wiring board manufacturing,

プラスチック成形 Plastic molding,

塗装 Painting,

溶接 Welding,

工業包装 Industrial packaging

If you pass the test for Industrial packaging, you could work for companies in 産業機械製造業industrial instruments manufactur-ing industries or 電気・電子情報関連産業 Industries related to electrics, electronics and information. 


See the chart shared in Special tips: Tokutei gino, Manufacturing 1.


language test
You can choose ① or ② below:

①Japanese language check test (new and for all fields)
・CBT (Computer based testing)

・Given about 6 times oper year
・Given in and outside Japan (countries yet to be decided)
・Will start in April, 2019

・Focus more on listening and speaking than on reading and writing


② JLPT N4 or above


 (to be continued)

Based on the documents (Jan 21, 2019) by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and oral explanation given by the officials from METI and from the Immigration Bureau.