More about Tests

This page is for those without gino kentei 3 kyu (grade 3) or equivalants for the industry field they want to work in.  Certificates of passing both Japanese language tests and skill tests are necessary to prove that you are eligible for Specified Skilled Workers visa (tokutei gino visa).  



Passing the tests doesn’t mean you get a visa. It is your company who plays the main role for your visa application


After April, all foreign residents with valid visa in Japan including tourists can take tests.   But it doesn’t mean you can change your visa status directly to SSW visa.

Those listed below need to go back to own country and needs to get COE (Certificate of Eligibility).
Refugee applicants

students who overworked/kicked out of school/ gave up schooling


trainees who wants to shift the different industry.


The skill test is operated by each industry differently. So what you need to do at first is:
Learning Japanese and decide on which industry you make your target.

★Skill tests have started.  

Please visit the website for the field of your target, bookmark the website, and visit there from time to time to get the latest information.

Japanese language test

If you are living in Japan, only JLPT, Japanese Language Proficiency Test is available. You need to pass N4. Grades are from N5 to N1, low to high.

The test is held only twice a year in July and December. The application will start in May for the next test. 


If you are living outside of Japan, in one of a dozen countries that made agreement with Japanese countries, JFT, Japanese Foundation Test can be substitute for JLPT. It is language test specially for Tokuteiginou.


Try to get latest information by visiting their websites.


A. Japanese-Language Proficiency Test  

   N4 or above is required.



B. Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese




Caregiver SSW must pass Nursing care Japanese language evaluation test, too.


skill tests

The test schedule is not fixed regularly. So you have to pay attention to the site of your target field  in order not to miss the application. 





Building Cleaning

  JBMA Website:

  Test schedule in the Philippines



Manufacturing industries

 Machine parts & tooling industries

 Industrial Machinery industry

 Electric, electronics and information industries

 For further information, visit



Construction industry

  Details not decided yet



Shipbuilding & ship machinery industry

  Class NK Website



Automobile repair & maintenance

 JASPA website



Aviation industry

  Japan Aeronautical Engineers’ Association Website

  The test is given in Japanese, so information is available only in Japanese.



Hotel industry

  CAIPT Website:

  Information is available in Japanese only.







Fishery & aquaculture

  Details not decided yet



Manufacture of food and beverages

  OTAFF Website:



Food service industry

  OTAFF Website: